The collection of side projects and contributions that I have worked on.

Development Lab


Built devfinder, a GitHub user search app using the GitHub users API. It features the following:

  • Search for GitHub users by their username.
  • See relevant user information based on their search.
  • Switch between light and dark themes.

You can check the source code and more information about this project in my GitHub repository.


I contributed to the freeCodeCamp Spanish project with the translation and proofreading of the main curriculum. This provides a starting point for Spanish speakers who want to start coding at no cost:
Aprende a programar, Β‘GRATIS!
freeCodeCamp Spanish Curriculum.

Various certificates are now live! So you can get hacking right away:

If you have issues accessing the Spanish page of each certificate, then try to access them through the main curriculum page.

Or change the language by pressing the menu button in the navigation bar as shown below.

Screenshot showing how to change the language in To do that, press the menu button in the navbar. After that, in the language option, select your preferred language.
How to change the curriculum's language in